About my blog and about me … well, that is a little complicated…

I have wanted to write all my life.  I created my first short story when I was four – complete with illustrations and a construction paper cover.   I have felt compelled to blog for years now, and after several people in my life suggested that I do so – here I am.

I was just figuring out a little about how to navigate WordPress when life took an unexpected turn  – around a corner and then dropped down a dark hole.  And all creating came to a screeching halt.  So through work-related chaos;  several family deaths;  my parents divorce – and the ugly, psychotic drama, laden with such grotesque and shocking abuse;  an unexpected move; financial strain; two consecutive pregnancies;  Asperger’s diagnosis in myself and my first born;  3 years of medication-resistant postpartum depression and anxiety;  MTHFR gene mutation; traveling for engraving school;  finishing my Master Herbalist degree;  husband entering seminary – this journey of progressive sanctification became a roller coaster ride. (I am not one for roller coaster rides!  I’d much rather just ride the leisurely train that goes along the scenic route!)

In all of this – the tug to create has been ever present.  I am grateful for the encouragement of so many to pursue writing – I have a long way to go: finding the right words has always been difficult for me – yet, I feel so compelled to do so, that I may possibly help others and bring Glory to God for the mercies He has graciously bestowed.

So I invite you, to follow me as I try to narrate the journey the Lord has placed me on.



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